Learn to Swim

We've developed a clear progression from Preschool to school-age swimmers, with every new level consolidating already learned skills as well as developing new ones.

Learn to Swim

Preschool – Fabulous Floating Jelly Fish
From 3 years (fully toilet trained) – 20 minutes – two children with one teacher

With help from our qualified instructors, swimmers will learn a strong kick and how to float and gain the confidence they need to stay safer in the water.

Level 1 – Cool Crabs
School-age, non-swimmers – 30 minutes – three children with one teacher

Let your swimmer know how amazing they can be in the water! Teaching them how to be safer and have loads of fun, learning to float and move around the pool independently. 

Level 2 – Playful Penguins
School-age, just swimming – 30 minutes – three children with one teacher

Using appropriate techniques for this level, our qualified instructors will teach children how to swim using a strong kick and long underwater arm pull and some life-saving skills.

Level 3 – Excellent Eels
School-age, independent swimmers – 30 minutes – four children with one teacher

This level will continue to enhance skills learned, and motivate swimmers to develop new ones. Introduction to freestyle and backstroke.

Level 4 – Daring Dolphins
School-age swimmers – 30 minutes – four children with one teacher

At this level, children can swim with fantastic body position, great flutter kicks and strong, long, straight arms for freestyle and backstroke. Our qualified instructors will develop bilateral breathing skills for freestyle, and instruct on the underwater work for backstroke as well as teach your children breaststroke kick. It can be a little bit tricky at first, but with encouragement and practice swimmers can add it to their list of achievements.

Level 5 – Super Sonic Stingrays
School-age swimmers – 30 minutes – four children with one teacher

Butterfly kick; breaststroke arms and timing are the focus for this level. While swimmers continue to improve their freestyle and backstroke, they can learn butterfly undulation and the continued development of breaststroke. It’s all about the timing!

Junior Development – The Orca Squad
School-age swimmers – 45 minutes – eight children with one teacher

Short distance, but a load of knowledge will be learned in the Junior Development ‘Orca’ squad. The focus for this level is Butterfly with further development of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Swimmers will also learn about pool etiquette, turns and finishes for all four strokes, race rules and how to use the pace clock.