Live Entertainment

Whether it's on the stage or on the field, there's plenty to watch at Back to Newington Day.

Live Music

For many years, the Newington Music Department has enjoyed showcasing the Jazz Program at Back to Newington Day and 2022 is no exception. Students from Year 7 through to Year 12 will be performing throughout the day, with guest appearances from some of our combined Newington MLC School Rock Bands. All are welcome to drop by the Centenary Hall steps to relax to some tunes or groove with the contemporary bands.

Sport Fixtures

Below are the home fixtures taking place at the Senior Campus on Back to Newington Day. A full program of Sport Fixtures is available here.


8.00am Year 12 XVIII Buchanan Oval



8.00am Year 7 Novice Foil, Epee and Sabre Concordia
9.30am Year 8 Novice Epee and Sabre Concordia
9.30am Intermediate Foil and Sabre Concordia
11.00am Intermediate Epee Concordia
11.00am Senior Foil, Epee and sabre Concordia



9.45am 4th XI Buchanan Oval 1
9.45am 5th XI Buchanan Oval 2
10.45am 3rd XI Buchanan Oval 1
10.45am 6th XI Buchanan Oval 2
11.45am 2nd XI Buchanan Oval 1
11.45am 7th XI Buchanan Oval 2
12.45pm 8th XI Buchanan Oval 2
1.30pm 1st XI Buchanan Oval 1



7.45am 15A Johnson Oval
7.45am 16B Newington Old Boys 1
7.45am 13F Newington Old Boys 2
8.45am 16A Johnson Oval
8.45am 16C Newington Old Boys 1
8.45am 13E Newington Old Boys 2
9.45am 6th XV Johnson Oval
9.45am 15B Newington Old Boys 1
9.45am 13D Newington Old Boys 2
10.45am 5th XV Johnson Oval
10.45am 15C Newington Old Boys 1
10.45am 13C Newington Old Boys 2
11.45am 4th XV Johnson Oval
11.45am 15D Newington Old Boys 1
11.45am 13B Newington Old Boys 2
12.45pm 3rd XV Johnson Oval
12.45pm 13A Newington Old Boys 1
14.05pm 2nd XV Johnson Oval
15.20pm 1st XV Johnson Oval



9.30am Years 7–12 Newington Courts



8.00am 15B Newington Court 2
8.00am 5th Newington Court 3
9.00am 15A Newington Court 2
9.00am 4th Newington Court 3
10.00am 2nd Newington Court 2
10.00am 3rd Newington Court 3
11.00am 16A Newington Court 3
11.30am 1st Newington Court 2
12.00pm 16B Newington Court 3
12.00pm 16C Newington Court 3