Design and Technology – Materials

A NESA Elective

Course Description

Students studying Design and Technology – Materials in Year 9 and 10 produce design solutions that demonstrate diversity and that increase their ability to manage projects. Students are taught how to apply techniques to generate creative ideas and develop innovative solutions. Design projects incorporate a range of materials, processes and integrated systems depending on the needs of the solution. This course offers students opportunities to address real-world problems using the design thinking process. Students will engage in both entrepreneurial design projects and social equity-based design projects that address people in need.

Topic Areas

• Resistant materials design- timber, metal and plastics

• Industrial design

• Furniture design

• Rapid prototyping

• Entrepreneurial product design

• Electronics

Course Emphasis

Students study technological innovation and the world of design which seeks to improve people’s lives. They become critical observers of the world around them in assessing how existing designs can be further improved and how new needs and opportunities can be identified and resolved. Students learn to respond effectively and creatively through the application of a design methodology. This develops their confidence and competence in responding to problems and designing quality design solutions. Most of student time is spent making design projects using a range of materials, tools and machines in a safe work environment. Theoretical concepts and skill development are learnt through a project-based learning approach. Students also produce design folios that document the processes they use, and they apply Computer Aided Design to represent ideas and communicate effectively.