Information Software and Technology

A NESA Elective

Course Description

Information Software and Technology is an exciting and challenging course, designed to develop students’ knowledge, confidence and creativity in designing, analysing, developing and evaluating information technology solutions.

Information Software and Technology (IST) focuses on developing computer skills through the completion of a variety of projects. These projects form the basis for assessment and develop student’s techniques and knowledge of computer graphics, web site development/multimedia, spreadsheets, databases, computer programming and video editing. IST aims to equip students with the ability to use computers as problem solving tools.

There are no pre-requisites for the study of Information and Software Technology. It is an elective course, which builds upon the knowledge, skills and experiences developed in the Technology (mandatory) Years 7-8 syllabus and the Information and Communication (ICT) syllabus. The course encourages and reinforces literacy strategies, especially the development of technical and technological literacy. Students communicate their ideas and solutions to problems in oral, written and graphical forms.

The course integrates the study of core within the context of option topics. The core content is completely integrated with content from the option topics and projects.

Core Areas

  • Current and emerging technologies
  • Data Handling
  • Hardware
  • Issues
  • People
  • Software

Option Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modelling
  • Authoring Environments and Multimedia
  • Database Design
  • Digital Media
  • Internet and Website Development
  • Networking and Operating Systems
  • Robotics and Automated Systems
  • Software Development and Programming

Students in Years 9 and 10 must complete all core content within the study of at least four option topics. Students are expected to complete at least six projects over the two years.