Design and Technology – Multimedia

A NESA Elective

Course Description

Students studying Design and Technology – Multimedia in Year 9 and 10, produce design solutions using hand sketching and a wide range of computer applications. Projects undertaken require creativity, technical ability and a capacity to manage files and time constraints. Students are taught how to apply a broad range of computer applications which are used to represent, model and generate creative and technical solutions.

Topic Areas

• Architecture

• Animation design

• Graphic design

• Product design

• App design

• Marketing and promotional design

Course Emphasis

Students learn to respond effectively and creatively through the application of a design methodology. Most of student time is spent making design projects using computer-based applications and external devices such as 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC machining. Theoretical concepts and skill development are learnt through a project-based learning approach. Students document the design processes they apply in a digital design portfolio. This course offers students opportunities to address real-world problems using the design thinking process. This subject is for those students who want to specialise in learning how to a wide range of computer applications to produce genuine design solutions.