Elective Subject

Why Study Drama?

In our ever changing world, the ability to think creatively is proving increasingly valuable.

The Year 8 Drama course aims to give students opportunities to develop their creative ability including their capacity for self-expression, physical control, self-confidence and verbal and non-verbal skills. Boys will take on a variety of roles as a means of exploring both familiar and unfamiliar aspects of their world while participating in theatre games, and devising and performing both individual and collaborative work.

Course Content

  • Drama Basics – Performance Skills
  • Improvisation
  • Elements of Drama
  • Scripted Performance

What will I learn?

Students will learn basic stagecraft and performance skills through participation in theatre games, practical workshops and observation of others as audience members. They will learn the skills associated with improvisation, character creation and the manipulation of the dramatic elements.

Boys will develop their skills in scripted and unscripted performance, collaborating with their peers to create engaging and exciting performances. They will learn to manipulate voice and movement to create theatrical characters and will reflect on and analyse their own work and the work of others in their Logbooks.

The Drama Department at Newington is committed to creating classroom environments where students feel comfortable being risk takers. Students will be expected to step outside of their comfort zone but will benefit from being active members of an imaginative and supportive cohort who create exciting, challenging and unique performance work.