Hands-On History


Hands-On History

Why Study Hands-On History?

Do you feel like building ancient weapons of war like trebuchets and catapults and onagers?
Does the idea of researching and playing the games and sports of past civilisations appeal to you?
Or do you see yourself as the next author of a famous work of historical fiction?

If so, Hands-On History is the course for you!

Hands-On History will give you a love of the past through engaging inter-disciplinary projects, teaching you about design, writing, physical movement and games and archival research.

Course Aims

The aim of Hands-On is to History is to stimulate students’ interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past, to develop a critical understanding of the past, and to enable them to participate as active, informed and responsible citizens.

Hands-On History is an inquiry-based course. This means that students often determine the historical question they investigate. It also gives students the ability to come to their own conclusions about what occurred in the past (rather than being taught the answer by their teacher).

Topics Explored

  • In Term 1, you will investigate ancient societies and the games they play, having the opportunity to teach the game you research to the class.
  • In Term 2, students will complete the Newington Anzac project, researching the life and times of a Newington Old Boy who died in the First World War to present a documentary about his life.
  • In Term 3, students will learn how to write historical fiction, with each student writing their own historical short story about a time period of their choice.
  • In Term 4, you will research siege weapons from Ancient and Medieval History, use the design process to create prototypes and eventually build miniature siege engines, which we will test fire in a competition.