Computer Game Design & Coding

Elective Course

What is Game Design?

Computing is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing fields today. Computing is a form of digital literacy that is of growing importance within society. It promotes intellectual development and the development of problem-solving skills in a way that is applicable to many other subjects and in many other areas of life. It is not surprising that government publications have recently listed roles in computing and game development as among some of the top occupations with the largest projected growth through this coming decade.

Why Should I Choose this Subject

Students will begin by looking at the basics of programming. Students will have a fantastic opportunity to plan, design, create and publish their very own game! An understanding of computing enables students to be not just educated users of technology, but the innovators capable of designing and programming.

When and how am I assessed?

Assessment will take place throughout the year. It will take the form of in-class assessments, project tasks and home-learning activities.

Which Subjects should I have an Aptitude in?

Computing uses a range of skills drawing from a number of subjects such as; Mathematics, Science, Technology and Design.

Where could this subject take me?

This course will help set the foundations for those boys who wish to pursue further studies in computing and design & technology as they move through the school and further.

Course Content

  • Introduction to programming concepts
  • Design and Innovation
  • Basics of game making using pre-coding activities
  • Creating your own multi-level game
  • Programming with Scratch and Unity