Elective subject

Why Study Filmmaking?

The Filmmaking course establishes the fundamentals of film, what they are and how to make them. The course is very hands on and technical in nature, boys will get first hand experience in all stages of the filmmaking process. They will work through an number of modules with each unit resulting in a short film. As well as these individual tasks the class will spend the year working together making their own feature film.

The Filmmaking class offers students the opportunity to use professional, state of the art equipment and facilities.

While it is not replicated in any other subject Filmmaking will run alongside and integrate with the Year 8 English film unit and the “Cine-arts” and “New TV” co-curricular programs. While there is connection between these activities the Year 8 filmmaking course stands alone and is the beginning of a pathway for filmmaking that runs throughout Stages 4 5 and 6. While it is not a prerequisite for any of the other opportunities available the skills techniques and understanding established in this course will compliment the learning The course is designed to appeal to boys who have an interest in film and or television.

The teachers of this course all have experience working in the film and television industry and have developed this course to be as much of a real-world experience as possible.

Course Content

  • Lights Camera Action – an introduction to filmmaking
  • How do pictures move? – Stop motion animation
  • How to make a TV commercial – Editing basics
  • Who gets the credit – Titles and Graphics
  • Ever wanted to fly – An introduction to compositing
  • Lets go live – broadcast switching and studio production