Aboriginal Studies

A NESA Elective

Course Description

Aboriginal Studies is a NESA Stage 5 course being introduced at Newington in 2024 to provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal Peoples, histories and cultures.

Course Aims

Students will investigate and celebrate Aboriginal cultural and social heritage, continuity and resilience. They will be given opportunities to recognise and respect the knowledges and practices of Aboriginal Peoples. The study of Aboriginal identity and lived experiences of Aboriginal Peoples will give students deeper insights that will enable more respectful and reciprocal engagement with Aboriginal Peoples and communities.

Apart from empowering students and enriching their understanding of Aboriginal Peoples, the course will also give students valuable skills they will be able to use in their senior studies, such as critical thinking, research and strong written and oral communication skills.

Aboriginal Studies is designed to complement the Walking on Earth course and covers different topics and issues.