Behind the Boarder: Max Ventura (10/FL)

May 4, 2017

The Edmund Webb Boarding House at Newington College is the home away from home for many of our boys. Whether they are from out of Sydney, or overseas, this series ‘Behind the Boarder’ will give you a chance to go behind the scenes and get to meet some of different faces and personalities that make up this vibrant community.

Where are you from?
I’m from Newcastle, NSW.

How long have you been a boarder?
I just started boarding at the beginning of the year.

How have you come to be a boarder at Newington / Why did you decide to be a boarder?

The opportunities at a GPS school are immense. Initially when my family decided that I would board we saw different Sydney schools, but decided Newington was the best fit. I’m a regional boarder so it’s easier to board rather than travel for hours to school.

What is it like living in the Boarding House?

There is separation from school in the Boarding House so it doesn’t feel like you’re at school all the time. Living in boarding, you’re constantly surrounded by friends which is good if you want to play friendly sport or need help with schoolwork.

Best things about being a boarder?

The boarding community is very close and welcoming. This makes coming into boarding a lot easier. The structured day of the boarder allows you to plan schoolwork and any other co-curricular activities efficiently.

Who has the messiest/cleanest room?

My roommate is very tidy. I aspire to his levels of organisation. However, I’m not sure who has the messiest room, most of the rooms I’ve seen couldn’t be classified as messy. When you’re living with other people, you gain a new awareness of how your mess could affect them.

Favourite co-curricular activities and why?

My favourite co-curricular activity is football because it is a complex game, full of passion and is a good team sport.

Advice to those boys considering boarding?

You will be bombarded with lots of new things to process, just know that eventually you’ll get used to everything and ask a lot of questions because people will always be happy to answer them. Try to get involved and you will find yourself having a great time.

28 Mar 2017