From the Boarders

A message from the boarding prefects.

From the Senior Boarding Prefect

Dear Parents and Boarders,

I would like to welcome the new students undertaking boarding this year. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the boys. I also welcome back the returning boarders from around the country.

The small nature of the Boarding House allows for a rich culture to develop. Every boy knows each other in a way that surpasses many other Boarding Houses in Sydney and across the State. This makes life a lot smoother as you live with your mates and not just ‘other’ boarders. Personally, it has made separating from my family a whole lot easier. Not only do I not have any regrets, but it is to this point the best choice of my life.

The best part of Boarding, to me, is that it gives every boy the chance to make use of every opportunity the school has to offer. Be it joining the musical, debating teams, music ensembles or learning new sports. This school has incredible facilities and they are open to us at anytime. This is what I encourage the boys to do. Go outside your comfort zone, make new experiences and do give everything a try before it is too late.

I am eager to make my last year here the best; I hope Boarding will be as easy and smooth for you as it has been for me for the last three years.

With warm regards,

Alec Fuller
Senior Boarder Prefect 2016

The best part of Boarding, to me, is that it gives every boy the chance to make use of every opportunity the school has to offer.

- Alec Fuller, Senior Boarder Prefect 2016

From the Deputy Senior Boarder Prefect

Dear Parents and Fellow Edmund Webb Brothers,

It is a great honour and privilege to have this opportunity to welcome you all to 2016. To the new boys, and parents, I hope that you will find your time at Edmund Webb valuable and worthwhile. To the returning boarders, welcome back and I wish you all a pleasant year.

Our student leadership motto for 2016 is, “Value you, Support him, Stand with her.”  This is an opportunity for us to all make a difference in our community. The six traits that Boarding helps us to focus on is to be supportive to those who are discriminated against and oppressed around us. We may not be able to change the lives of everyone, but we can make a difference to someone’s life by standing up for what is morally right. We each have to play our role to make our world a just and fair world for everyone.

Our aim is to do away with the negativity that exists due to stereotypes and what is considered not normal by society. Far too often men and women are oppressed and discriminated against due to stereotypes associated with race, religion, sexual orientation or political persuasion. As the Newington College community we have the opportunity and responsibility to be who we are, and to support others be who they are. We seek to see a world of co-existence, and so we have to be the change we want to see. These are sensitive issues that many find difficult to talk about, and we hope to strike up conversations and discussions that we need to be having as young men.

I look forward to a great year of hard work and overcoming challenges with you.

Yours truly,

Victor Mkaronda
Deputy Senior Boarding Prefect 2016