Learning at the Boarding House

Learning Beyond School Hours

While boarding at Edmund Webb, learning continues beyond normal school hours. Time designated for completing homework, tutoring and participation in co-curricular activities is left aside. Many of our Boarding staff are also current Newington College teachers and coaches meaning that there will always be a helpful person on duty to guide and assist the boys after school.


Changes at the Boarding House during exam periods.

Exam Periods

During exam periods boys are allowed in the Boarding House at different times. For major exam periods, boys may have times when they do not have an exam and the Housemaster will inform boarders of when they are allowed in to study. These times are dependent on staff availability as well as the requirements of the boarders.

Boys can organise Leave via their parent/guardian and this is certainly pertinent when a student may have a large ‘gap’ between exams (e.g. several days). Boys who do not leave during such times will be required to study during ‘normal’ school hours.

Year 11 and Year 12 boys will be able to stay in the Boarding House during their Preliminary, Trial and final HSC/IB examinations. They will be required to sign a behaviour contract to do so. Any breach of the contract will result in the student having to study at school supervised by staff.

The agreement is provided to boys prior to the exam period. Parents or guardians will need to acknowledge the agreement before a boy is eligible to stay unsupervised. Should a parent/guardian not wish to sign, boys are able to study in the College Library and/or go home during the exam period.


Free Periods

Some students in Years 11–12 may, due to dropped classes and/or timetabling, have free periods during the day. These periods may be spent in the Library or in the boarders dining room at school as a quiet study area (boys are not to eat during this time).

Failure to use these times effectively will result in the loss of liberties.