Recreation and Sport

The boarders take part in a number of sporting and recreational activities.


With Wyvern Preparatory right next door to the Edmund Webb Boarding House, the boys have access to the school’s two Synthetic Tennis courts after school and on the weekends.

Every Thursday, games are also organised for the boys to participate in, as well as a range of other recreational activities hosted either by the school or by the Boarding House outside of the grounds.


All boarders are expected to participate in the College’s Sports program as required.


All boarders are expected to participate in the College’s Sports program as required. This includes attending before/after school training sessions and involvement in weekend fixtures.

On Saturdays, students are encouraged to support ‘local’ games that are taking place, particularly where other boarders are involved.

Following sports practice, boys must ensure that they have a clean shirt to wear, so that they are clean for dinner. Ideally boys will shower at this time, however, this is not always practical, so they must ensure they have clean clothes and wash their hands and face thoroughly.

Travel To/ From Sport

Where possible the Head of Boarding will assist in organisation of transport for boarders. Boys must inform the Head of Boarding of their needs on Thursday evening.

In enrolling their son/s as a boarder at Newington College, parents give permission for the Head of Boarding and Boarding House staff to:

  1. Transport their son in the staff members’ or school’s vehicles when the staff member deems it to be necessary (to sporting fixtures, events, transport to medical facilities).
  2. As boarders grow and develop confidence they are encouraged to make their own way to sporting commitments. Using the ‘Transport Information Site’ at is a good start. Further to this, the Head of Boarding sends out an email to coaches at the start of the year (and subsequent seasons) in order to see if it is possible to help out by taking boys in their team to/from games. Boys are also encouraged to see if members of their own team may be able to help out with transportation.
  3. Boys can acquire transportation with a teammate’s family. Permission to do so must be provided in writing to the Head of Boarding.
  4. As a last resort and after other avenues have been exhausted, boys may be required to catch a taxi (at the school’s expense) for the purpose of getting to Saturday sporting fixtures.

Please inform the Head of Boarding if you have any concerns regarding your sons transport needs.