From the Head of Boarding

A message from Mr Troy Stanley


Our close knit community provides a safe and welcoming home away from home through the school year.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Newington’s Boarding community. The Boarding staff aim to ensure that Edmund Webb House will provide a safe and secure base for you to enjoy all that Newington has to offer.

Boarding is a unique opportunity that is not available to most students. For that reason, we hope that boarders will throw themselves into College life and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Boarding places additional responsibilities on the each of the boys. Boarders must assume greater responsibility for their academic and co-curricular wellbeing. Each boy will be expected to be proactive in matters relating to punctuality, organisation and hygiene.

As a boarder, you will learn to live with a diverse group of boys. This will require an open and honest approach. Boarders embrace each others cultures and ways of life as you develop life-long friendships. The Boarding routines and policies will be different from your own home, but exist to allow the smooth running of the Boarding House so that our aims can be achieved.

Supporting our Boys

The Boarding staff and their families are here to support all of our boarders as we endeavour to reach our personal best. The success of Boarding is the development of a strong sense of community and I hope that you will join our dedicated staff in creating that so that this becomes a cherished experience.

The Boarding Community

There will be several opportunities for all of the Boarding community to come together, whether it be through our formal welcome Chapel service and dinners or the informal Sunday BBQs during the year. It is hoped that these occasions will encourage regular communication between parents, Boarding staff and boys. For those who are unable to attend, I encourage regular communication with me via, email, phone, Skype or facetime to ensure that we are all doing what’s best for the boys.

There will be bouts of homesickness for even the most confident boarder and parents will also experience a sense of loss. It is a natural sign of the love of family and one’s home environment. It also reflects the fear of stepping outside of our comfort zone. It is my belief that this is where the greatest opportunities for growth exist.

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