Boarders share the power of song with patients at MetroRehab Hospital

May 4, 2017

Newington’s Tongan brothers contribute immensely to the spirit of Edmund Webb Boarding House and the wider community – they are role models of humility, compassion, service and faith, and their singing is unfailingly joyous and uplifting. On Wednesday, March 8, seven boys: Mai Tolu (12/FL), Anthony Kama (11/FL), Tua Mahe (11/FL), Sione Mone (11/FL), Nas Ofahenguae (11/FL), Harold Uhila (10/FL), Tu’uta Atiola (10/FL) sang a mix of popular and traditional numbers at MetroRehab Hospital, evoking some wonderful memories for staff and patients.

The Boarding House and the College are blessed by these young men and the Boarding staff strongly urge the community to support our Tongan brothers by collecting resources for Tupou College.

You can hear some of the magical moments from the MetroRehab visit below.

28 Mar 2017