Fresh Start at Edmund Webb Boarding House

May 4, 2017

The Christmas Holidays were a hive of activity at Edmund Webb Boarding House as significant renovations took place. Black & White sat down with the Head of Boarding, Mr Troy Stanley to find out what’s new at the Boarding House and what our boarders can expect in the year to come.

How far along are the renovations?

The top floor is now fully complete with new bathrooms, décor and furniture now providing a far more modern boarding environment for our boys. The middle floor has begun stage one of renovations with new bathrooms installed already. The final stages are to take place over the next two major holidays periods.

How have the boarders settled into their new environment?

The boarders are thrilled with their new rooms which were designed to encourage sound work and study habits. Newington is a very busy place and boarders in particular need to have a warm and happy environment to come home to. The Boarding House will never be as good as home; however, it can be the best home away from home.

Tell us about what a new boy can expect as a boarder at Newington?

Boarding at Newington is a very unique and special experience. Having additional access to the school’s teaching and physical resources is certainly an advantage and the well established daily routine tries to capitalise on that. Academic preparation times embedded during Study Hall time (3:30 PM – 5:30 PM) in the well resourced library ensure that the boys are in the ideal environment to harness their academic motivation. During this time, boarders have access to high level English, Mathematics and Science teaching staff for Newington as personal tutors. When boarders have sport after school, the second prep time is 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, when boarders are also able to make the most of the academic support from the Boarding Masters and Research Librarians who staff the facility into the evening.

The daily routine also caters for boarders who want to take advantage of the Strength and Conditioning programs prescribed in the Taylor Sports Centre. All boarders will do a minimum of two hours supervised prep a night; many will do much more.

The Boarding House consists of 50 beds. Traditionally the boarding demographic is evenly split into thirds between local, rural and overseas students. This provides a wonderful network not only whilst at school but long afterwards into a boy’s professional career and personal life.

What has it been like for you personally to have the boarders back?

Having the boys back has been fantastic. I don’t think you could do this job unless you genuinely love what you do. Being on call 24/7 is a challenge that comes with great reward. Having the opportunity to encourage boys to get more out of themselves is very satisfying.The relationship with a boy’s family is extremely important and I am extremely humbled to have been entrusted in this position by the boarders’ families. This is such an exciting part of the boys’ lives – a period of time when they grow so much and in so many ways. Being part of the journey and knowing that you have played a role in their upbringing is something that pushes all the boarding staff to do more and to improve what we do here at Edmund Webb House.

What are some of your goals for Edmund Webb in 2016?

This year, we are aiming to embrace our ‘Super Power’. I truly believe that everyone has one (or more) attributes that they have been blessed with. Together we have to search for it and put it to good use. Most people find it at some stage in their lives. I want our boarders to discover whatever that may be during their high school years.

9 Feb 2016