Medication Policy at Edmund Webb


The Boarding House possesses ‘everyday’ medication such as headache tablets and antihistamines for use should a boarder feel unwell. They may be administered by the Boarding Master or the Boarding Master-On-Duty. A record of dosage and time will be recorded in the House Medication Use Book and signed by both the student and the Master-on-Duty.

We understand that each boy has different medical needs but it is suggested that no medications, including herbal medicines are to be kept in a student’s room at any time. All medication is to be administered either by the Boarding House staff or the College nurse and to comply with the Australian Department of Health (Pharmaceutical Branch) all medications must be handed to the Boarding master for safe keeping.

Access to the School Nurse

The School Nurse

  • Provides education and information to the Boarding House staff on health conditions and medication requirements.
  • Communicates to staff re new medication orders for a boarder.
  • Administers medication to boarders in the morning and during the school day as ordered, checking correct student name, dose, frequency and expiry date of medication.
  • Completes record of medication administration on Synergetic.
    Stores medication safely in a locked cupboard in the Health Centre.

Boarding House Staff Responsibilities

The Boarding House staff has a duty of care to ensure student safety and proper use of medicine. Medicines must be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist. All medications must be handed over to the Head of Boarding and labelled in English by a Doctor or Pharmacist. The label must include:

  • The name of the drug
  • Name of student
  • Expiry date
  • Dosage and frequency of administration
  • Name of Medical Practitioner prescribing

All medication administered to students will be recorded in the Boarding House Medication Registers. Medication will be kept locked in the office filing cabinet in the Boarding House and in the Boarder’s Cafeteria office. The Register will be completed by the Master-in-Charge who dispenses the medication.

Unscheduled medication such as paracetamol can be dispensed by Boarding House staff if parental permission has been received. Consent will be sought from parents/guardians for staff to assist with medication administration.

In some conditions such as asthma, diabetes and anaphylaxis, emergency medication must be easily accessible by the student. Arrangements will be made for this on an individual basis in conjunction with the parent, Boarding Master and School Nurse.

Boys must declare to staff any other supplements that they are taking. This includes but is not limited to vitamins, protein powders, amino acid supplements, creatine etc. These are not to be shared with anyone else. Parents must provide written permission to the Head of Boarding for their son to hold these products in their room.

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the student to:

  • Present for their medication to the Boarding House staff or School Nurse
  • Tell staff if they are not feeling well
  • Report any adverse side effects

The Boarding House possesses ‘everyday’ medication such as headache tablets and antihistamines etc. Boarders who are unwell should see the Head of Boarding or Master-on-Duty who may issue medication, if deemed appropriate. Details of the dosage and time will be recorded in the House Medication in Reach (and signed by both the student and the Master-on-Duty).