Fencing Advances to new home in Alexandria

April 13, 2017

With an increasing number of boys at Newington taking on the challenge of Fencing, the sport has moved over to an exciting new venue in Alexandria. The venue has provided some necessary extra space and equipment for the growing program.

When reflecting on the move, fencer Henry Armstrong-Bailey (8/LE) said, “The new facility is nice as we have a lot more room for training and fencing, obviously. Also a specific thing that I really enjoy about the new facility is how the metal strips offer a lot more traction which makes it far easier to fence.”

Fencing is a fast-paced and demanding sport that helps participants develop a unique skill-set. Director of Fencing, Ms Karen Lak described Fencing as “A sport of agility and skill”.

Henry Armstong-Bailey echoed this sentiment, adding that, “a huge part of Fencing is the fact that you have to be quick on not only your feet (agility) but you must also make decisions in the moment. These are good both in all sports and in life as a whole.”

When asked what he enjoys most about the sport, Henry said, “I enjoy the fast paced part of Fencing and the fact that every bout is different as you have to deal with a variation of situations such as the height of your opponent or what hand is his dominant one. These factors make for a game that is always interesting not only for the audience but also for the fencers.”

While the boys are sometimes competitors, Fencing at Newington has a strong team environment. Ms Lak described the collaborative spirit of the Fencing boys as one of healthy competition and camaraderie, “They need to encourage each other and assist each other to find and improve on their weaknesses and work towards their strengths”, she said.