Boys of any age can compete in Snowsports at Newington

Newington Snowsports Program

The program includes the following events:

  • Snowboard GS – Snowboarding on a downhill slalom slope.
  • Snowboard Cross – Snowboarding through a course with jumps, turns and berms.
  • Alpine Downhill – Skiing on a downhill slalom slope.
  • Skier Cross – Skiing through a course with jump, turns and berms
  • Moguls – A difficult discipline involving navigating a course with a series of bumps followed by a jump.
  • Cross Country – A fast-growing event involving cross-country skiing over an undulating course.

Training and Competition

The boys involved in the Snowsports program have two options in regard to training;

  1. Take advantage of the training programs run via Interschools on the days and weeks prior to the competition.
  2. Register their interest to attend the Virtual Reality Ski Trainer facility at Off-Piste located at Moore Park.
  3. Ski to Skate programs run through Skater HQ to be held at the school.
  4. Participation in some of the many Snow Sports programs offered and held by the two main ski resorts in NSW, Perisher Blue as well as Thredbo.

Competition begins with the annual Sydney Interschools Championships which take place on the third week of the winter holidays at either Perisher or Thredbo (rotating on a bi-annual basis). Boys travel down and stay with their families and then report to the staff on the mountain who will help marshal them for their respective events.

newington snowsports


  • Sydney Regional Interschool Championships held in Thredbo – Joshua Cartwright, Anders Koskella, Mika Koskella, Vincent de Souza, Oliver Nicholson, Jamie de Botton, Zachary Coote, Max Yeoland, Jay Stubbs, Flynn Sullivan, Liam Sullivan, Liam Ross, Sam Martin, Lachlan Rennie, Dhruv Kumar, Benjamin Macdonald, Toby Phillips, Joshua L’Orange, Harry L’Orange, Cameron Rennie, Alexander Woolley, Oscar Lynch, Will Rumi, Lucas Head, Benjamin Ross and Max Inglis
  • NSW Interschools Championships held in Perisher – Anders Koskella (Snowboard Cross and GS), Mika Koskella (Skier Cross and GS), Max Inglis (Cross-country), Vincent de Souza (Moguls and Cross-country), Sam Martin (Moguls), Alexander Woolley (Moguls and Cross Country), Will Rumi (Snowboard Cross and GS), Toby Phillips (Snowboard Cross) and Zachary Coote (Moguls)
  • National Interschools Championship held in Mt Buller – Max Inglis (Cross-country), Vincent de Souza (Moguls and Cross Country), Sam Martin (Moguls), Alexander Wooley (Moguls) and Zachary Coote (Moguls)
  • A standout result for National All Schools was Sam Martin who finished in 5th place, a result that is reflective of his hard work and training prior to and during the winter.