A summer sport with a rich tradition at Newington.

Newington Cricket Program

A foundation sport at Newington, cricket aims to create an environment which engages boys in a game that is contemporary yet seeks to uphold traditional values.

Training and Competition

Boys of all ages & skill levels are invited to learn how to play cricket in its various formats. In the Spring and Summer terms training is conducted twice per week with interschool matches on Saturdays.

Newington provides cricket facilities including:

  • 5 turf wickets
  • 15 synthetic nets
  • 3 natural turf nets plus access to S&C amenities as part of the Taylor Sports Centre.

Regular [in-season] competition involves fixtures against other GPS and independent school on Saturdays. Cricket also provides opportunities to tour domestically &/or internationally.

2019/20 Season

The College fielded 32 teams during the 2019–2020 season, with 408 cricketers participating across Stanmore, Wyvern and Lindfield campuses. Participation levels increased marginally across the board, reflecting the strength of interest and playing capacity amongst boys at the College. Results-wise, the age level teams attained a 64 per cent win ratio, affirming the standing of Newington cricket.

The 1st XI finished in fifth position in the AAGPS competition. Given the youthful make-up of the team, the overall performance was credible. The 2nd XI was a more seasoned outfit and at various stages of the summer drew on this experience to ultimately attain joint second place.

The program, which encompassed the delivery of coaching services at each campus plus inter-school matches and invitational fixtures, attained the milestones set out in the 2019–2023 strategic plan. Students, either starting afresh or advancing in the technical and tactical aspects of their play, benefited from access to the quality of facilities and standard of coaching. Appreciation is extended to the Newington College Cricket Community (NCCC) whose financial and organisational support added to the quality of the experience of cricketers across each of the campuses. The season launch, which included a 1st and 2nd XI capping ceremony, provided a wonderful occasion to bring together the cricket community, a feature of which was an address by Mr Saahil Parekh (ON 2015).

Ned Barnet-Hepples’ efforts as Captain of Cricket contributed positively to the quality and tone of cricket at the College. He worked effectively with his peers and age-level team captains to instil a sense of community, including a Year 7 cricketer cap presentation.

In respect to awards, Harry Boyd was the recipient of the ONU Service Medal for Cricket and Ned Barnet-Hepples was awarded the JM Taylor Best 1st XI Player Trophy and 1st XI Ken Coles’ MVP Trophy in recognition of his fine all-round performance during 2019–2020.

The 15A XI, captained by Felix Hochuli, had a marvellous season and was awarded the Stuart Jennings Trophy for the Most Successful Group 1 team. Felix was also the recipient of the Macquarie Sports Award for the most promising cricketer at the College. The 15C XI, led astutely by Josh Serone, won the Stuart Jennings Trophy for Group 2 teams. We acknowledge the commitment and quality of staff and external coaches for their vital contribution throughout the season.

Individual Achievements

  • AAGPS XI – Ned Barnet-Hepples & Nicholas O’Shea
  • Cricket NSW Under 17 Invitational XI – Ned Barnet-Hepples & Nicholas O’Shea
  • NSW 15 Years XI  [Australian 15 Years Cricket Championship] – Luke Callanan & Edson Whattam
  • NSW 15 Years All Schools Championship [Australian School Cricket Championship] – Luke Callanan & Edson Whattam