Boys of all ages and skill levels are invited to Fence to improve their agility and coordination.

Newington Fencing Program

Fencing is a sport of tight, reflex actions, of combined skill of hand, eye and foot, where everything can change with the flick of a wrist.

The scoring of Foil Fencing is a count of “touches” on the opponent’s torso. It is a fast, vigorous sport requiring great agility on the part of the fencers.

Training and Competition

  • Boys of all ages and skill levels are invited to fence
  • Our coaches are accredited and experienced in developing fencers from beginner level to national finalist level
  • Our Head Coach is training some up-and-coming Olympic hopefuls as well as several National teams
  • All boys receive the best training techniques and mentorship from the coaches.

Newington College has a proud history in both results and the development of interschool fencing. The most important trophy: the A J Rae Shield, recognises the significant contribution made by our former Headmaster and the continuing support the school gives to the sport.

2019 Results

Fencing had another successful season with a number of boys competing at Nationals and a large number having success in their various levels. The Junior Sabre A and B teams took home the silver and bronze medals respectively in the schoolboys championships. In Junior Foil, David Upcroft successfully earnt a Bronze medal and James Duong only just missed out on a medal. Watching the Junior teams in both Foil and Sabre grow from strength to strength has been wonderful. The boys have developed some excellent skills to use in competition and the teamwork at this level is an important element that will take them to Nationals in 2020


The school is lucky enough to have two coaches that train Olympic hopefuls and National Champions. Alexandra Andre and Boston Fawkes (an Old Boy himself). They are ably assisted by Felix Shannon, Harrison Saunders, Tom Baker and Jack Murtough-Coombes, all Old Boys with a passion for the sport.