New Fit

New Fit was introduced to Newington in 2011 as a sport designed to continually challenge, both physically and mentally, students of diverse athletic ability.

Our New Fit Program

The program involves:

  • Challenging workouts that utilise resistance training (bodyweight/and equipment) and cardiovascular options to challenge metabolic pathways and increase physical capacities
  • Individual effort is encouraged and physical literacy is key in developing student fitness levels
  • Due to the nature of the professionally implemented sessions this sport is only an option for boys in Years 9 to 12.
  • Students are required to jog to the facility (3km) and return for both mid-week sessions.
Newfit Camperdown Fitness

Choosing New FIt

  • NewFit currently operates out of the newly established Camperdown CrossFit facility
  • Under the supervision of a teacher, all students are required to make their way to this location
  • Sessions are currently held on both Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • NewFit is offered at Newington year round, however boys can only participate in NewFit for one season per year
  • Due to our commitment to AAGPS sport, students require endorsement from their Head of House to participate in this sport.

Unfortunately, choosing NewFit does not guarantee a place in this sport. This sport has a maximum of 50 places available and students are required to pay a participation fee. This fee is based on the number of weeks per term as well as the numbers of boys registered.

Boys of all fitness levels and experiences are involved; from top athletes honing their performance, to boys recovering from injury, and others that focus on setting a strong foundation for future fitness.

- Director of New Fit

Recent Successes

Boys across the group showed outstanding improvements.

At the start of the season all students were put through a fitness testing protocol that aimed to quantify the various fitness parameters often utilised throughout sport. These included:

  • Muscular endurance (push ups in 60s)
  • Strength (max chin ups)
  • Core (3 minute capped plank)
  • Aerobic development (1.5 km row)

As predicted, boys across the group showed outstanding improvements. Notably, one student averaged a 62 per cent improvement in all protocols combined. A big congratulations to all those involved in the summer of NewFit, and hopefully their improvements in fitness will positively transfer to improved performance across all facets of school life.